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Diego De Pietri (a.k.a. DDP) is a Los Angeles-based Songwriter, Music Producer and Musical Director.


Diego has written and produced music for NBC, Nickelodeon, Nu Image films, Pearson TV, Telemundo, Univision, FOX, MundoFOX, SiTV, etc.


With more than 50 albums produced and 11 eleven solo albums released, Diego also write songs for a wide range of genres. From Pop and Ballads to Norteno and Salsa. He has collaborated with some of the most relevant Latin and American songwriters, expanding his vision to a new level of creativity. One of his latest compositions was a Power Ballad for the actress Alicia Machado and a Corrido Mexicano (the theme song) for Mel Gibson’s movie ‘Get The Gringo”, performed by Banda Machos and included in their latest album.


Over the years Diego has also performed as pianist for some of the hottest Latin artists, including Miguel Mateos, Christian Castro and the Christian artist Rabito and has been guest keyboard player for La Ley, Paulina Rubio and Charlie Zaa, among others. Diego has served as Musical Director for several TV shows’ house bands in California.


Diego De Pietri owns and operates DDP MUSIC STUDIOS in Los Angeles, California, where he produces and records most of his projects.

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